Monday, January 18, 2010

"T" took us caving

Small (well we could stand up at the beginning) spots, dark spaces, creepy crawlies, paird with lots of mud, and steep slippery rocks...the 'nail biting'adventure begins!

Just up this rope and around a corner, spaces became very tight...with no end or light in sight this is where the adults had a 'safety meeting,' said a quick prayer and began a very FAST EXIT...backwards(safety first) where we could stand again.  Did I mention that thousands lots and lots of 'daddy longlegs' were within inches of our faces(I could stick my tongue out and grab one for lunch) and that the're supposed to be the most dangerous bug in the WHOLE world!

 Once we were able to stand,  panick attacks(no names mentioned) left and breathing became easier!
Yes, we did have some fun and yes weSURVIVED!  Is it our (Bill & Nicole's) favorite thing to do? No... but it was a fun family adventure guided by the teenager of the house.(One of his fav things to do)

RELIEF...and hunger were the main emotions when we gladly felt the fresh air touching our skin.  Back at the parking lot,(the big - open space where we could look up in to the sky)  a nice warm fire was built.  We shared our experiences and even laughed together, filled our tummy's with cheese, smoked fish, and Poula?(Finish bread) and enjoyed a 'mini' marshmellow roast!

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  1. This looks like SO much fun! A few of my friends went caving some years ago, and I regret not joining them.