Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February FUN

Warm, sunny and at times, t-shirt weather was enjoyed
Teuvo's report card came in the mail...All A's and B's and G's(good) for attitude and work habits :) 
Nicole put over 50 EXCITING Km's on her bike enjoying adventures with her dear friend of 13 years :)
Bill didn't miss 1 day of work...not normal for this time of year!
The olympic torch ran passed our house
Bathroom reno's continue and completed...no more hiking up our very steap stairs for that 2am pee :)
Read "The book of Negroes"...SAD :(
Teuvo had a weekend away with the youth group, snowboarding, listening to LOUD music and hanging out
Canoed Nimpkish lake
Teuvo took a first aid course with the Rangers
Watched the movie "District 9"...a tiny bit gory and sad in parts
Had to change my first bike flat tire ever...a BIG thanks to a very nice man for stopping and showing me what to do!!
Bill and I had a 'work' related, all expenses paid getaway...Teuvo stayed home :)
Had a wonderful visit with a close friend of mine that I don't get to see too often 
Thoroughly enjoyed the Gold medal Canadian men's curling game
Mowed the lawn

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