Monday, May 3, 2010

May musings...

We had a few breaks from the rain last week so I managed to get the strawberry patch weeded out AND... I found a few flowers hiding amongst those weeds!  We're really looking forward to enjoying our organic garden strawberries.  We've bought a few cartons from the grocery store out of eager anticipation but they are no where near as sweet and juicy!!

 Saturday we headed out...for grocery shopping, etc and for a day out of town.  The weather or the firewood pile that needed splitting and stacking didn't excite us much and we had a list for the big city!  As it turned out, the sun was shining and there was even time to do some geo-caching as well.  Our computer was "down" so we didn't have papers or clues for the geo-caches we wanted to find but with our keen geo-senses and "shunpiking" attitude we were able to find our treasures!  We even did a night cache on our way home(just couldn't drive by knowing it was there)...thanks to Bill, the truck lights, and the gps light we didn't have to go home dragging our lip!
Rock Bay, Campbell River-North
This is a beautiful place to visit or camp; the roads are pretty decent and the signs are user friendly!  We discovered lots of potential camping spots during our back-road adventures today!

Click on my post title or "Rock Bay" for info on this provincial park.

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