Thursday, August 5, 2010

The amazing adventures(mishaps) of Bill, Nicole, and Louie

The to the Mack Jack river, paddle to Raft Cove beach, and camp for the weekend...

Bill and I drove 2 hours, packed the canoe and a few kitchen sinks and of course the porta potty(we learned a lot about packing lighter) down this cute little boardwalk to where we needed to launch the boat.  We loaded up the canoe and began to paddle down river, enjoying our dinner as we headed toward Raft Cove; a lovely West Coast beach with miles of warm sand and a steady roar of the ocean waves.

Upon arrival, Louie watched over the gear while we hunted down the perfect spot to camp.  Camp 'A'  started out right on the beach with a beautiful view of the ocean and river but an evening breeze suddenly came up, crushed our tent, snapped a pole, and ripped through our tent fly.

So...we quickly gathered our gear and dragged it in to the woods(camp 'B') where there were some man made tent pads to set up on.  The location was not the desired beach view we were looking forward to but fatigue was guiding our plan by this time! With no view AND the fact that the mosquito's thought we just set ourselves up for the 'all you can eat' buffet, sleep sounded good!

Mmm...the boys enjoyed hot coffee and cookies for breaky!  Unfortunately, Bill sprang the news of another move possiblility(which would hopefully be our LAST move - camp 'C') BEFORE I had a chance to open my eyes and enjoy my coffee!  It's all about timing don't ya think!?  I curled back up in to the fetal position as he described the luxurious lovely ocean view site he found just down the way a bit with a pit potty, and big steel metal cache we could use to keep our food safe from the bears.  I'm all for "save the food" and "ocean view" so...another move...AFTER my COFFEE & cookies of course!!

Ah...a happy camper at last!

Some boys we met gave us a fresh cod to enjoy for lunch.  The fish went from breathing to cooking to eating all in 1/2 an hour; we'd never had fish so fresh! 

What a blessing after such a rough start to our trip!  After camp 'c' was all set up we spent the whole weekend enjoying and relaxing on this lovely beach.  By the end of the weekend you almost needed a reservation it was that busy.  All the campers were friendly and well behaved so as we like to say "all that ends well is well!"  Bill and I learned a lot over the weekend but we will be back for sure; this will be an annual event for us.

Going home is sad in a way but on all our West Coast trips we stop in Holberg for a cold mug and something to eat to reminisce about our adventures before the long drive home.

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