Friday, September 24, 2010

End of the summer Hummer

We had an amazing time on our journey to the mainland this summer...

- Our first stop was Whistler... to visit with Lyndsey! We spent our time riding our bikes, swimming, hiking to this real cool old 'train crash' and of course...geocaching!

- After a 4 hour drive from Whistler to Squamish(couldn't drive by the geocaches) we headed for Princeton to meet up with Ted and Carole at their cabin on Chain lake!  We had lots of visiting time,  & of course we ate like Kings! (thanks Carole)   A traditional walk around the lake was a must so we could get that new geocache just hidden a month prior!  The 2 Teuvo's went on a fishing excursion but because the water was so warm, the trout were laying low where the water is cooler!

Hope/Princeton Highway rest area...geocaching with some guy from the Netherlands!(we spotted him while driving in to have our lunch, noticed the gps, and made a run for it!  It turned out that he had 3 geocaches downloaded for the area and we didn' we rode his gps coat tails and tagged along!)

Teuvo's birthday wish was to celebrate it at the cabin! 15 years old...who can believe it!?

-From the cabin, we headed out to meet up with Bev, Arvid, Kristen, JP, Quentin Chloe, and Abbey at Bridal Falls!  Bev and Arvid made Teuvo (and us) a WONDERFUL birthday dinner; including delicious ice cream cake too!!  The bunch of us who love to geocache(yes, we've hooked some of the family members) went on an after dinner 'walk' to find some caches nearby!  We enjoyed our visit so much even though it was so short!  The delio was that we would camp at Cultus lake, meeting up again in a few days but... the weather changed our plans! 

This beautiful waterfall distracted Chloe and I while the others were madly searching for the geocache nearby!

- Cultus Lake was our last stop of the tour!  We originally planned to stay for 4 more nights but the weather threatened rain!  We're not talking a little light shower...we're talking 'down-pour!'  Bill and I truly felt like a black cloud was following us; with the month of July and most of August being so nice, WHY did the rain have to show up on our holiday???  All was not lost; Bill and Teuvo spent the next day at the water slides while I grabbed my book and headed for the beach.  This was the last and final day to dry out and be warm!  We loaded the truck and called the reli's to relay our bad news about going home early!

- Friends of ours invited us over for a lovely Salmon dinner!  We were able to catch up and have a great visit eye to eye which doesn't happen nearly enough!! (Thanks Dale and Edna for the great visit on such short notice & the yummy spread of food)

-This night we chose to sleep in a hotel...good thing we did!  The miserable rain started pouring down half way through the night!  We hate camping in the rain!!

To wrap things up; we spent over 20 nights in our tent.  Every weekend we were exploring some new places and re-visiting some old favourites!  Teuvo had a great experience in camp which has proven to be life changing. 

We hope you all managed to 'get out there' to enjoy and discover what was so intricately made for us!!

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