Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Little Huson Caves are beautiful this time of year.  Bill and I enjoyed getting out to complete an 'earth cache' (a special location where geocachers can go and learn; reading and answering questions about a unique geoscience feature) on this crisp fall day. Every year, I'm be-dazzled every year by the beautiful colours of the season; the burgandy's, reds, orange's, brown's, and yellow's.  Best of all, along the trail we found a patch of chanterelle (meaning 'little cup) mushrooms! Yum!!
I'm thankful for God's imagination and intricate details!  I'm thankful for 'time' together!  I'm thankful for good health and limbs(working limbs) that can get me to these amazing places!

 I'm thankful for the sounds of nature and for ears to hear those peaceful sounds!

 I'm thankful for my eyes and their ability to drink in the rich colours of fall!  I'm thankful that I have money and the means to own a camera and be able to enjoy and share the Lord's creation through my lens in the comfort of my home!

Turkey dinner was enjoyed and devoured almost as fast as you could say "Happy Thanksgiving!"  The feast was a team effort this year; each of us bringing our favourite dish.  I knew I was gonna have to move fast if I wanted that chocolate turtle... and for the record...it was melt- in- your -mouth so WORTH it..Mmm!
There were lots of laughs throughout the evening as we played Rumolli; losing and winning our pennies, trying our best to attempt our 'poker faces!'  
I'm thankful for each one of you and the memories, the laughter, and the food we share!

The boys worked hard despite the rain!  Yes, we are 'happy homeowners' for the most part ...accept when the home costs us money and time...hmm :=(  
Well anyway, the hard digging is done and the water is going where its supposed to now!  Phew, 'leak' is a four letter word in our marriage!   Thank goodness my men aren't afraid of hard work and Bill has a few skills otherwise this job would have cost more than I'd like to think about!!

I'm thankful for the guys in my life...they are amazing! (even when we do make each other crazy)

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