Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Treasured boxes

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People in my neck of the woods have mesmerized me with their generosity!  It seems that every time you turn around, open hands greet you with the request of a donation. (especially during this time of year) Granted, all the fund raisers hold their importantance, and in many cases, they pull at your heart strings!

Honestly, I didn't expect such a huge response to yet, another good cause!!  I figured that most people were tired of giving and had their own families to think about at this time of year. "Charity begins at home" seems to be a familiar phrase heard these days.  I've even witnessed tension in the grocery store; prices go up... pay cheques remain stagnant...and Christmas is coming, we're reminded daily!

I am so thankful for all the shoe boxes we collected today; many required an elastic band to hold all the contents from spilling out!

Unbelievable...amazing!  Overwhelming...I'm speechless!  I'm in aw!  I wonder if what I'm feeling is even remotely close to what   those kids feel when they're opening up their boxes!?

For most, if not all, this will be the only gift these kids receive for Christmas!  Some reports say that the actual box is kept and treasured...a card board box...treasured!  (I've been known to joke about giving the box to the kids to play with because they have more fun with it than with the actual toy inside) Besides a hand written Christmas card,  the boxes are mostly filled with more practical items such as school supplies (Every child wanting to attend school must supply their own school supplies which are almost impossible to acquire)
and hygiene products. An invitation to a 12 week Sunday school program is also included in countries that permit.  Small toys and a minute amount of candy are secondary items. 

Again, I am reminded of how blessed I am...we are!  I can't even imagine squishing all my son's gifts in to one little shoe box. Sad to say, I am certain he'd feel ripped off if a shoe box was all he was given Christmas morning where the contents were pencils, and paper, or a comb.  I'd guarantee that complaints would be heard if his favorite Christmas chocolates were missing and the only thing to play with was a dinky car.

Just an airplane ride away, life is so different!
approx 364 boxes collected in our area!!

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