Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

Fortunately we started our weekend early and missed the chaos with the weather and the ferries!

We had a great time visiting our family for the Easter weekend on the Mainland!  Our nieces and nephews have grown and changed, a few nice hikes were enjoyed together, and we found over 20 geocaches that took us to some beautiful areas we'd never have found otherwise!  Meals were shared, games were played, and the Easter bunny still managed to find us.

Fish and chips at Moby Dick's in White Rock was a highlight.  Thanks to Arvid, we had a great tour of their new area and learned the story behind White Rock's white rock!

I really enjoyed  watching the cousins playing in the creek with their fishing rods.(sticks with orange flagging tape) Reading to my nephew before bed was some nice quality time we shared that brought back many memories of reading to my boy when he was younger!

Bowling was a blast...the pleased look on Abbys(2years old) face when her ball rolled so slowly down the middle of the lane and knocked over a pin was priceless!  "Q" was a natural pin king!!

To say it in the least amount of words, watching Teuvo and his Iso-Isa play crib was very entertaining!

It was fun showing Ted and Carole how to geocache; maybe we have a new recruit? 

Thanks to you all for the wonderful time.


  1. Sounds like it was a great time away from the regular path of life.

  2. Nice to see you having a good time with the family, looks like you had wonderful weather!

  3. I had fish and chips in White Rock while I was out there as well. I think it was my favourite meal while I was away. We are headed back to Langley in July and we are definately going back to White Rock.

    We drove around for a bit as well, some of the homes are unbelieveable!