Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Update...featuring David Gogo

He's counting down the last days of jail(school) time.  He'll be physically done June18th but mentally...he's been finished for about a month.
The neighbours across the street have hired Teuvo to do some gardening so he's been busy with that, making some extra money.
Fire practise will wrap up this week.  The parents get to attend the last event where the jr's will go in to a 'burn house' and practise the skills they've been taught as they find and fight the fire safely in a complete smoke filled 'practise' house.  Teuvo is very excited to have us see all the training he's been doing.

He's been working everyday and by the sounds of it, he'll be working for most of the dependant of course.
Bill helped the church cut wood and deliver 30 loads to some of the locals who burn wood but can't get out for whatever reasons. 
Him and Teuvo have been busy splitting and stacking our wood for next year so that's all done now and will have plenty of time to dry.
Bill built me a new coffee table which looks just fantastic!  He has a real gift in working with wood.

The Happy gang had their annual 'wrap-up' lunch out at Telegraph Cove this week which was very nice;  we'll resume meeting in September.
I've been swimming quite a bit in the mornings which feels great!
I'm helping out a friend by going out to the North Island schools to promote the summer reading program that the library offers once school is out.  We travel with the literacy bus and 'mother goose' who reads, sings, and plays games with the children.  I'm the narrator in a cute little puppet play.  I was nervous at first but by the end of the day I was having so much fun!  We'll be busy for a good solid week with this project.

Friday night was date night for Bill and I.  We went to the theatre to watch Blues/Rock musician David Gogo; a very talented, very entertaining group. (click on this blog title or his name to listen to some of his music and check his web site out)
Today, Saturday- Teuvo is attending the 'food safe' course that the local Rangers group is hosting.

Last week Bill and I watched a great movie; Julie and Julia.  This movie is based on the true story of Julia Child who is well known for her cooking show and is responsible for bringing French cooking to North America.  She is a wonderful woman, a great inspiration.  Nothing ever got her 'down' and her husband was such a great supporter.