Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last day of grade 9...Yikes!  He's taller, more muscular, and can almost take his dad down(play fighting is a constant activity in our house these days!)
Teuvo passed with A's and B's - we're so proud and he's so proud!
July 10th Teuvo heads to summer camp for 2 weeks - maybe longer.

Fire practise wrapped up until September.   A final evening of putting all their skills to practise... parents were welcome to watch this interesting event.  The boys had to enter this storage unit(burn house), locate, and put out the fire.

Aboriginal Day - June 21
I mentioned before that I was involved in helping out a friend with advertising early literacy...we were invited to Port Hardy for aboriginal day.  Traditional activities included weaving, canoe rides, salmon bbq cooked traditionally over the fire, opening and closing ceremonies, along with our aboriginal themed puppet show.
In the first picture, the men were warming their drums for the opening ceremony.
The man you see above is in traditional costume.

Mystic Beach - Juan da Fuca Trail

Geocaching - 'Avatar Giant' - Port Renfrew

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