Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5...Let Go. What(or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

  This year, our one and only 15 year old son was giving us some serious signs that he desperately desired more responsibility and more freedom in his life...more independence was the message!("how did this happen?, where did the time go?, he can not be this old!...MORE independence?, is he ready?, can he handle it?")  It is hard being a is also hard being a teen; that, I remember well!   The thought of being an 'old fashioned' parent never occurred to me until we watched an updated 'parenting' DVD; a jaw dropping, thought provoking  experience to say the least!  Clearly in this day in age, I am, we are OLD FASHIONED!  Apparently, we've been teaching and modeling old fashioned morals, values, and virtues...politeness, respect, thankfulness, the importance of faith, and hard work...  Throughout this journey, our son has taught us important lessons along the way.  The next lesson being,  that we need to let go and allow him more space so he in turn,  can grow and learn his next set of life lessons.  Its not easy cutting the apron strings... yet, we realize that it is necessary!  At least by cutting those apron strings before he moves out and on, he has a safe place to learn, and be lovingly guided through this process of independence. When I finally processed the fact that my boy had turned 15,  I panicked a wee bit, OK - a lot!!  You see, there is a resistance happening; I want to spend more time with him because our time is short, while he wants to start flying!  Reluctantly we've dug out the scissors and have begun to cut the strings...this has been no easy task! We're embracing all the the 'moments' we can with every snip!

Enjoy this song I found on youtube; I felt it was fitting...
"Fly away"

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